Dementia Care Qualitative Observational Audits

Fundamental Principle
We believe that we can only offer truly person centred care if we try to look at the world from the point of view of those we care for and if we are dedicated to improving their sense of well-being.

Our audits are based on The Quality of Interactions Schedule (QUIS) (1) as developed by Dementia Care Matters (2) with whom Anne has trained. This methodology has been used in over 100 care settings. It gives incomparable insights into the lived experience of people with dementia who are spending time – or the rest of their lives – in a care setting.

  • A series of 5 minute observations are made over a number of 2 hour periods in communal living areas such as lounges or dining rooms.
  • The level and quality of interactions are observed and coded.
  • There is also a “script” written by the observer which can record significant comments or words spoken by either staff or people with dementia, events or experiences.
  • Written summaries are provided which identify positive elements of the service as well as issues for discussion and development which may have arisen during the observations.

These audits are designed to evaluate the service as a whole, not to appraise staff as individuals, and thus to give direction for service improvement and development. The measures enable a service to compare themselves qualitatively and quantitatively with similar care settings (anonymously) in assessing their level of person centred care. We can work with leaders and staff teams to devise action plans and strategic development. (see In-house training and consultancy).

These audits had been found to be a powerful tool in improving the quality of life for people with dementia and for giving staff at all levels a greater sense of personal fulfilment in the work which they do.

(1) Dean, Proudfoot and Lindsay
(2) See “Enabling:quality of life - an evaluation tool” by David Sheard, published by the Alzheimer’s Society 2008, part of the Feelings Matter Most series.

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