Dementia Care Distance Learning

This course has been especially designed for those who are sole carers, whether paid carer-givers such as live-in care workers, domiciliary carers, or family carers, and those who are unable to attend training events. It can be useful for staff in a wide range of settings. It can also be used by domiciliary care agencies, combined with leadership training (see below).

Our aim has been to provide a distance learning course that will really stimulate active learning and enable participants to feel more confident in their ability to care for a person with dementia.

Distance learning courses can be very dry and can achieve little in terms of developing understanding. Our course is designed to get you thinking ... and feeling, so essential to developing an understanding of dementia. It can be quite challenging but will provide you with insights that will help you to provide better care in a wide range of situations.

Each assignment is sent out after the previous one is returned and gives feedback on the assignment completed. The course contains discussion material and references but it is primarily experiential.

Here’s what one of our first participants said after just the second assignment: "By doing the assignment … this has had an effect on me … it has made me think in more depth about how a person with dementia feels."

Another carer said: "Before I did the Dementia course my perception about people with dementia was very wrong but now after finishing assignments 1 to 9 I am a different person with a different focus. ... From the assignments I now understand the reasons why someone with dementia is acting in a particular way. I hope all carers are going to do this course as it makes us understand, equips [us] with the information and have more confidence on our day to day basis with people with dementia."

A carer participating in the course between working in the UK and being home in South Africa said "The more assignments I do the better I feel I am understanding the difficulties associated with dementia. Thank you, thank you for teaching us these valuable lessons."

There are ten parts to the course and it costs £180