Dementia Awareness for Advocacy Services

We provide dementia awareness training for advocates, such as IMCAs, which helps them to improve the service for their clients with dementia or age-related cognitive deficit. The training is designed to increase advocates insights into the experience of those with dementia and to develop skills in working with people with dementia. The course also provides insights into the challenges faced by carers on a day to day basis. We examine the concept of person-centred care and how this fits with the advocacy role.

Communication is key but is often difficult due to verbal communication limitations. We explore the ways in which advocates can look for clues in limited vocabulary and in behaviour which may give an indication of a client's needs.

We also explore the relationship between the concepts 'professional' and 'person-centred' in the context of meeting the needs of people with dementia and the impact of the social environment on the client.

The training is preceded by a training needs analysis for the members of your team so that the content of the training can be tailor-made to the specific needs of your staff and volunteers.

Cost of the training (in house) for up to 16 participants, include pre- and post-training analysis and all training materials: 450

Travel for in-house training is also payable at 45 pence per mile.